Versão: 1.30.2 (Data: 2021/6/29)


- Added: Chance to loot Enemy Bones when killing players in forts, castles and realm wall doors.
- Added: Crafting premium item. Allows you to open the Crafting interface anywhere on the map. The cost is 8000 Ximerin. Discounted on the 29th and 30th of June, 2021 at a 30% discount: 5600 Ximerin.
- Fixed: Crafting initialization for new accounts.
- Fixed: Stash Carrier being closed immediately after opening it.
- Fixed: Disconnections when using the Stash Carrier.
- Fixed: Description of the Stash Carrier.
- Fixed: Damages in the preview of items in Crafting.
- Fixed: Critical Chance in the preview of items in Crafting.
- Fixed: Items that were being enhanced in Crafting going invisible after the material enhancement failed.
- Fixed: Barricades not changing the realm properly when captured.

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