Versão: 0.9.15 (Data: 2007/7/12)


Fixed: Third guardian circle mob group now appears correctly (Runic Stones storyline).

- New: (Life discipline) Divine Intervention.
- New: (Sorcery discipline) Insightful (Use -reset_powers to view correctly).
- Fixed: Execution.
- Fixed: Slow.
- Fixed: Serpent Bite.
- Fixed: Needle Blast.
- Fixed: Mind Squasher.
- Fixed: Summons and pets no longer show any visual effects when entering our proximity radius.
- Fixed: You cannot summon mounts while seated.
- Fixed: Ethereal arrow wasn't killing the target even when its health was 0.
- Fixed: Spells that yield necrostacy.
- Updated: Efficiency improved for Shield Piercing and Rapid shot at lower levels. Level 5 is slightly similar as before.
- Updated: Dual shot, efficiency improved at lower levels and the difference between all of them has been increased. Level 5 is slightly similar as before.
- Updated: Negative auras that don't yield any damage do not make creatures become aggresive.
- Updated: Ambitious Sacrifice now warns you that we don't have enough health to cast it.
- Updated: New mana costs for Heal Ally and Regenerate Ally: (1) 70, (2) 90, (3) 110, (4) 130, (5) 150.
- Updated: After horse is summoned, you have a 3 seconds cooldown to unmount it and viceversa.

- New: Change character option (in-game menu).
- New: Show complete/abbreviated clan name interface option.
- New: Buddy list graphic interface.
- Updated: User Interface usability improvements (quickbar icons can now be moved, dragging inventory items, etc).
- Fixed: Clan rank name limit increased to 20 characters.
- Fixed: You can no longer spawn monsters inside the forts nor you can send them to attack enemies behind walls.
- Fixed: You can no longer attack through fort and keep doors (this time is for real).

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