Version: 1.6.7 (Date: 2011/1/28)



- New: The item tooltip now shows the real level of the armors and weapons (Item level NN), wich can be different for the equipment level.
- Fixed: All quest related items are now correctly deleted from the inventory when the quest is ended or canceled. In addition, all the items related to not assigned quests were removed from the players inventory.
- Fixed: Weapon damage exploit related to the quest object "Torch" from Ignis initiation zone.
- Modified: Players can not delete items from the inventory while are dead. This change fixes an exploit related to the weapon speed.
- Modified: Players can not longer delete items from the inventory if they are currently equipped.


- Modified: The damage and/or material of the following items was modified in order to adjust their level. This items had a very high level compared to others related.

Items: Composite Viper Bow, Viper bow, Dragon wings bow, Composite Dragon wings bow, Master bow.

Note: Some items are under revision and have not been modified yet. Some additional changes are still to be made.

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