Version: 1.6.5 (Date: 2010/10/6)


- New: Halloween / Dia de los Muertos event 2010.
- New: General improvements to the game map and environment, such as NPCs locations, tents, according to the context of some quests.
- Corrected: The routes of some patrolling NPCs has been corrected.
- Corrected: Minor map errors on which users could get stuck.
- Corrected: Text error in the quest "The Four Forgotten Warriors” of the realm of Alsius.
- Corrected: Animation glitches in the symbols of the quests that appear on top of NPCs heads.
- Corrected: Animation of some dynamic objects that appear in the map, such as: boats, jumping boxes, etc.
- Corrected: The previous location of the resurrection altar of the Trelleborg fort no longer yieds a Regnum Points penalty when killing an enemy user.

- Corrected: Several fixes related to client stability. This corrects some unexpected client shutdowns.
- Corrected: Error in the terrain system that caused a major RAM memory consumption spike (about 100 MB). Performance (in some cases), should be slightly improved.
- Corrected: Error in the terrain system that caused a double drawn effect in Fixed and SM2 graphic rendering modes.
- Corrected: Error that prevented certain map objects from being visible (for example banners or lanterns).
- Modified: Improvements in the commerce code that allowed identifying, in a more simple way, the source of the stackable items.
- Corrected: Error in the commerce system that allowed ending the operations when one of the involved peers was dead.
- New: Skeleton Suit – Skeleton Mask
- New: Mexican Skull “Sombrero”- Skeleton hat Sombrero de la Calavera and Sombrero del Esqueleto. Both objetcts are inspired by the mexican holiday “Dia de los Muertos”.
- New: Costume and hat “Nightmare Slasher”.

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