Version: 1.6.4 (Date: 2010/9/21)



- New: Ninja and Ninja Master clothing.
- New: Clothing pack. Includes Aristocrat, Pirate and Ninja Master clothing items, respective hat's and masks as well.
- New: Realm Stable. Includes all 3 mounts from your realm: Light horse, War horse, and Special Mount (Benkku, Valkin or Preliator respectively).


- New: Visual effect for the skill “Reveal”.
- New: Mobs regenerate their health when they get back to their spawn point (this should avoid “kiting” as a leveling exploit).
- New: Overall map and zoning fixes in the realm of Alsius. This is a first step in terms of improving quests and leveling zones in all 3 realms.
- New: Improvements in the city of Birka, Alsius realm.
- Modified: Now that combat mode does not affect mana, all spells will put you automatically in combat mode.


- Modified: Barbarian base damage slightly reduced.
- Modified: Heal ally changed to fixed heal 200-500 HP from level 1 to 5.
- Modified: Mass resurrection. Resurrected players now get from 250 to 350 HP in all levels.
- Modified: Protect Ally. Range increased to 2.5m. Casting time reduced to 0.5 secs.
- Modified: Casting time for Life Savior, Greater Healing and Major regeneration have been reduced.
- Modified: All spells must now be cast under combat stance.
- Fixed: The escort guard for the quest "Goblin Raid" from Ignis realm now works as expected.

Bug Fixes:

- BUG FIX: Aggressive mobs and guards will not attack players under the effect of “Stalker surroundings”.

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