Version: 1.6.2 (Date: 2010/6/9)


- New: event-exclusive premium items:"Team Clothing" and "Random Team" allow getting specific or random team clothing.
- New: event-exclusive monsters: 4 new "Champions" at the war zone, with a chance to drop "Team Clothing" and "Random Team" items when defeated.
- New: event-exclusive tournament: equipping team clothing allows playing for a given team. The best player of each team and the best team of each realm will get a special prize at the end of the event (Further details coming soon).
- New: Now, all war zone Altars of resurrection have a protecting guard near them.
- Modified: Monsters "Mummy" and "Troll" appearance drastically improved.
- Modified: Minor tweaks to orc animations and texturing.
- Modified: All previous events' hat prizes have been converted to the "Costume" category (this includes Pumpkin hat, Halloween masks and Party hats among others) and their penalty was removed.

- New: the interface prevents accidentally buying some items more than once.
- New: some clothing items now can be painted.
- New: clothing categories: "Clothing" and "Costumes".
- Modified: Headwear (non-combat hats, wigs, etc) now work as clothing (instead of helmets), meaning it is possible to equip helmets and combat hats over them and it's not necessary to repair them.

- New: Trails: Warriors' regular attacks will leave trails, dramatically improving the visual aspect of combat. Some Great Gems will add special trails as well.
- New: armor parts now can be hidden individually.
- Fixed: Color correction is now available again.
- Modified: Option "Show other characters' clothes" was replaced by "Show costumes".
- Modified: Launcher now forces "Vista Mode" if running in Windows Vista.
- Modified: Launcher now adjust texture quality according to available video memory.

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