Version: 1.6.1 (Date: 2010/5/19)


- New: Regnum Online's 3rd Anniversary Event: includes exclusive capture reward, loot, premium items (clothes and fireworks) and quests.
- New: Clothes: now characters can equip special clothes under the armor. It's possible to hide the armor of the own character (to see the clothes without losing armor properties) and force the display of others' armor through two options at the [Game] tab of the [Options] window.
- New: Scripted NPCs: some NPCs now behave in special ways: they wander around, pay attention to their surroundings, talk on their own, etc.
- New: Animations for stunt and knocked down states.
- Fixed: Various fixes to character models.
- Fixed: Various fixes to female mage animations.
- Tweaked: Various tweaks to color correction and bloom settings.

- New: Clothes and hats.
- Modified: The four stash upgrades now auto-activate as soon as the purchase is confirmed.

- New: Point and click control: now it's possible to move to specific positions, NPCs and objects by pointing and clicking. This feature does not change the current movement control method and can be deactivated at the [Controls] tab of the [Options] window.
- Modified: Interaction with most animal NPCs now doesn't open a dialog window but cause the animal to play an animation and/or sound.
- Modified: Some premium item windows now load all required options before trying to display them.
- Fixed: Targeting system.
- Fixed: Behaviors of guards: now they attack enemies and defend themselves and allies correctly.
- Fixed: Items stored in the stash now show bonuses correctly.
- Fixed: Items with 0 durability now can be stored and retrieved from the stash correctly.
- Fixed: All magic gems now can be stored in the stash.
- Fixed: The pet control interface now shows the pet's state/action correctly at all times.
- Fixed: Pets now return to its owner when appropriate.

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