Version: 1.6.0 (Hotfix 1) (Date: 2010/4/12)


- Updated: assisted target selection now works as intended.
- Fixed: Powers that are cast on self now work correctly.
- Fixed: Characters at creation: now are shown with maximum detail.
- Fixed: Animations: Female archers' normal and combat running animations now work correctly.
- Fixed: Animations: Die animation now plays correctly.
- Fixed: Armors: male version of Darlud tunic now displays correctly.
- Fixed: Shaders of Hats and Helmets: now display correctly.
- Fixed: Bloom Effect.
- Fixed: Sky: clouds and stars now blend correctly.

- Updated: Rename Mount: now consumes after confirming use.
- Updated: Premium Items window: the "Scroll of Mastery" now enables/disables when appropriate.
- Fixed: Painting: now works correctly on all modes.
- Fixed: Appearance Interfaces: now display the character in correct detail.
- Fixed: Account stash had an incorrect maximum capacity of 15. It now has the correct maximum capacity of 5. All players that stored more than 5 characters, can still retrieve their items. Users that bought the premium stash items have their correct maximum capacity as well.

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