Version: 1.5.1 (Hotfix 3) (Date: 2010/2/24)


- Fixed: Textures in Direct3D mode loaded twice.
- Modified: The memory management is now more efficient, distinguishing between persistent and non persistent textures

- Fixed: Visual error that avoided to visualize the gems in the weapons stored/retrieved from the personal stash.
- Fixed: De-synchronization of the time counters in the compass and the map during an invasion.
- Fixed: After an invasion, the gates close correctly after the time is finished.
- Fixed: The characters that were sit while entering the visual radio now show the correct animation.
- Fixed: Movement keys no longer block after teleporting through a door or Teleport Scroll.

- Modified: The automatic restart system of the server is more efficient now.
- Modified: More verifications were added in the server to prevent item duplication in personal stashes.
- Fixed: Code optimization in the server to avoid memory loss.

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