Version: 1.5 (Date: 2009/12/16)


- New: Visual appearance radically improved: brand new graphics technology provides much longer view distances, more realistic and vivid colors, detailed shadows and a more fluid game experience.
- New: Physics greatly enhanced: new physics technology, Bullet, allows a more stable simulation featuring accurate collisions and softer sliding among other features.
- New: Character creation and management: the sections were dramatically improved. Features include: soft and 3D transitions, custom realm scenes and animations, dynamic cameras and a much more visually appealing interface.
- Modified: Video options: the section was expanded to include customization of the new features.
- Modified: Loading screen: new highly detailed backgrounds for each realm were added; several game tips were added; progress feedback was improved.
- Fixed: Health bar of enemies now shows the correct information when they die.

- Modified: Environmental details (volcanic rocks and giant crystals) were improved.

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