Version: 1.0.8 (Date: 2009/9/23)


- Added: New quests for Alsius and Syrtis' initiation zones.
- Added: Sign posts through all Regnum roads indicating the most important locations.
- Modified: Improved Syrtis initiation zone. Greatly improved locations.

- Modified: General improvements for a much more fluid and responsive user experience.
- Fixed: In certain cases, if our character was moving it stopped with mouse interactions.

- Modified: The casting time of some spells has been adjusted.
- Modified: Weapon speed has been increased. As a consequence of this change, their damage dealing was reduced.

- Added: Notification in the menu bar when an item has been added to our bag.
- Modified: Realm enemy character names are now displayed completely in the color that represents its realm.
- Modified: Improved default action bar. Now it contains more useful actions, emotes and powers according to the character's class.
- Modified: Keyboard control customization. Now a whole new section is available at the main menu to customize keys.
- Modified: Improved visual feedback for quests. Upcoming quests and objectives are now indicated with special symbols, effects or messages.

- Added: Surprise Magic Gem. Allows getting a magic gem of a selected type by the user, of a surprise category.
- Modified: Purchaseable Mounts. The character can buy mounts permanently and name them. Now it's casted in 3 seconds.

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