Version: 1.0.6 (Date: 2009/5/21)


- Updated: Optimizations in character data storage.
- Updated: New training graphic interface. Discipline and spell points can be added or removed and the whole changes apply only when the Accept button is pressed.
- Modified: Low level spells no longer cancel the same spell if it's of a higher level.
- Modified: Spells now don't check orientation after casting, avoiding their cancellation.
- Modified: Pets can't be controlled while the owner character is dead.
- Modified: Basic movement speed has been raised 20%.
- Fixed: When a spell finishes it doesn't remove the modifier if other active spell uses that modifier.
- Fixed: After an invasion, the castle it's not automatically retaken if it already was before the invasion finished (not to lose castle upgrades.)
- Fixed: Pet speed desyncronization.
- Fixed: Incorrect spell descriptions.

- Mages
  · Pricking Ivy: Casting time reduced to 1 sec.
  · Will Domain: Casting time reduced to 1 sec.
  · Mana Communion: Effect area reduced to 6 mts. (10 before.) Mana regeneration value reduced for each level.
  - Conjurer
    · Tremor: Range reduced to 25 mts. Duration was reduced in every level (3 sec. per level.)
  - Warlock
    · Sadistic Guards: Moved to the fifth position of the discipline.
    · Cremation: New spell (replaces “Corrupt Blood”.) Allows the dead enemies to be sent to their resurrection altar.
    · Master of Doom: Effect area reduced to 10 mts. (15 before.) Duration reduced to 40 sec. in every level.
- Archers
  · Ambush: Casting time reduced to 1 sec.
  - Hunter
    · Enemy Surveillance: Casting time and mana consumption reduced in all levels. Tactical information is now received in every level.
    · Camouflage Corpse: New spell (replaces “Track Realm Enemy”.) Allows to camouflage the corpse of an ally from the enemies sight. The corpse remains visible for allies.
    · Stalker Surroundings: Fixed. The casting of this spell is cancelled when an attack is received.
    · Cure Pet: New spell (replaces “Calm creature”.) Allows the Hunter to heal its pet.
  - Marksman
    · Finger Crush: Fixed. Now it can be casted in creatures.
    · Winter Stroke: Range reduced to 30 mts.
    · Ethereal Arrow: Cooldown raised to 40 sec.
    · Arcana Strike: Cooldown raised to 25 sec.
- Warriors
  · Typhoon: Effect area reduced to 6 mts. Damage adjusted in every level. Knockdown effect added in every level.
  · Thunder Strike: Effect area reduced to 6 mts.
  · Balestra: Damage adjusted in every level.
  · Ripost: Cooldown raised to 20 sec. Success chance modified in every level.
  · Impale: Casting time reduced to 1,5 sec.
  · Multiple Thrust: Mana consumption adjusted from level 2 to 5.
  · Lightning Strike: Effect area reduced to 6 mts. Knockdown effect removed from every level.
  · Martial Reflexes: Casting time reduced to 1,5 sec.
  · Inhabilitar: Blocking penalization fixed. Now is percentual.
  · Rib Breaker: Damage adjusted in every level.
  - Knight
    · Heroic Presence: Moved to the “Vanguard” discipline.
    · Shield Wall: Effect area is now 90° behind the Knight. This spell's protection has been raised.
    · Stars Shield: Moved to the “Shields” discipline. Effect area is now 90° behind the Knight. This spell's protection has been raised. Damage reduction is now correctly described.
    · Deflecting Barrier: Moved to the last position of the discipline. Effect area of this spell is now of 90° behind the Knight. The function of this power has been replaced with ranged damage reduction.
    · Precise Block: Now the blocking value raises proportionally according to the character's blocking statistics.
    · Army of One: Fixed. Now the resistance takes into account damage type.

- New: Duel banner.

- New: Regnum's Anniversary quest. NPCs: Alsius: Ursor, Ignis: Saniur, Syrtis: Mauro.
- New: Low level arenas in each realm initiation zone. Functionality to be added later.
- Updated: Animation speeds optimized and synchronized regarding model and size.
- Fixed: Quests:
  · Alsius - The Way to Montsognir
  · Alsius - Four Forgotten Warriors
  · Alsius - Reconnaissance Mission
  · Ignis - Merchant Maneuvers
- Fixed: Armor bonus provided by items.
- Fixed: Item "Valor Medal" was balanced.

- Updated: Confirmation interface enhanced. Now allows multiple confirmations (one for each type.)
- Fixed: Mounts without their animation.
- Fixed: Initial position of the Pet/Summon Control Panel.

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