Version: 1.0.3 (Date: 2009/2/3)


- Fixed: Several invasions fixes:
-- You can no longer respawn at the great wall gate if it's vulnerable.
-- You can no longer use initiation area teleports if you are carrying the gem.
- Fixed: You can no longer summon a horse while seated.
- Updated: "Utghar" player characters can now use helmets (albeit invisible). The 5 extra attribute points in Constitution, related to the inability to use helmets, have been removed.
- Updated: If you press any movement keys while seated, you will stand up automatically.
- Updated: Tiredness system was completely removed for good. It's now also possible to see how long we've been playing by hovering over the time of day indicator.
- Updated: Available quest indicator over NPC heads.
- Updated: Improvements to the movement system for players and creatures in general.
- Updated: Player characters get stuck less when running nearby map objects.
- Updated: Inventory items are now ordered by age.
- Updated: Items scale now varies according to race and gender.
- Updated: 'Leader' monsters difficulty slightly reduced and gold reward slightly increased.
- Updated: Experience realm bonus for the less populated realm is now 25% and 10% for the next one. Note: This stacks up with the invasions experience bonus wish.

- Fixed: A goblin spell was permanently decreasing players casting speed (now only lasts for the duration of the spell).
- Fixed: Knight spell 'Heroic Presence' now works as expected by design (it no longer affects the caster).
- New: Casting and launch animation is now available for several warrior spells.
- New: Warrior attack animation variants.
- Updated: Several one-handed and two handed warrior animations have been added, except for Rapiers and Spears (Which will be improved upon later).
- Updated: Improved several spell visual effects (Most of them belong to warriors and the rest for Archers and Mages).

Client (Linux):
- Updated: You can no longer open two clients at the same time.

- Updated: Several improvements to the Alsius first town, 'Skolheim' (Said changes are the first iteration of a bigger task related to the enhancement of the initiation areas for all three realms).

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