Version: 1.0.1 (Date: 2008/12/24)


- New: Christmas event.
- Updated: Treasure chests and stones no longer appear over other map objects. They also respawn if nobody found them after awhile.
- Updated: Special FX for dynamic objects support (Stones now display a distinctive effect).
- Fixed: Ignis great wall colission issues.

- Updated: Now a realm gem returns automatically to its pedestal when recovered by an ally (inside the realm). It also returns when an ally carrying a gem comes back through the great wall.
- Fixed: Party tab was not closing under certain circumstances.
- Fixed: "Protector" (Knight spell) was fixed. Its effect was never ending.

- Updated: All lucky boxes now return items of "Common" quality or better. Those items with "defective" quality obtained through the Lucky box have been converted to "Common" quality.
- Updated: Bronze lucky box now requires subclass specialization.

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