Version: 0.9.37 (Hotfix 1) (Date: 2008/10/31)


- Fixed: Premium sale window now works under safe mode.

- Fixed: Colission issue when going through bridges.
- Fixed: Bug that would allow a character to cast several spells at once.
- Fixed: Mana Pylon now works as expected.
- Fixed: Retaliation now works as expected.
- Fixed: Monsters would teleport back after going far away from their initial location.
- Updated: Tweaks to the Regnum points reward system:
- "Consideration" margin has been increased to reflect better the difficulty differences. Now a character level 50 sees as "Unchallenging" a character level 30 or less.
- Eliminated bonuses for killing someone with a higher level (CHG).
- If you kill an "Unchallenging" player, you now get 1 point (Before you'd get nothing).

- Updated: Slightly increased Halloween event creatures spawning rate.

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