Version: 0.9.37 (Date: 2008/10/30)


- New: Name change scroll. Worth mentioning is the fact that all changes are historically stored on our database to avoid abuses. New names are subject to the same rules when creating a new character and under moderation.
- Updated: Aural cue when placing a War Banner.
- Updated: It's now possible to activate several mounts at the same time (There is a warning if you already have one active). Time counts the same for all mounts.
- Updated: Several improvements to the premium sale window. It's now possible to access this window from anywhere by clicking on the Ximerin icon located on the lower right part of the screen.

- Fixed: House lights turn on at night.
- New: New premium items advertisement.

- Fixed: Tracking spells (Exploration discipline from the Hunter subclass) now detect correctly all those that are nearby and not hidden behind an obstacle.
- Updated: Several tweaks to the mounts. Visual cue of the mounting/dismounting restrictions (willingly and forced). Changes to dismount a player are now 100%.
- Updated: Regnum points reward now takes target level differences ("Consideration") into account. This means that if we beat a higher level player we will get more points and viceversa. When the target is considered "Unchallenging", there is no reward.
- Updated: A forced dismount is triggered when entering water while mounted.
- Updated: Several item description tweaks (i.e.: Rent is now displayed with a graphic bar).
- Updated: Minor tweaks to the UI.

- New: Halloween quests.
- New: GM armor, they will now be easier to spot and contact.
- New: Ignis quests revision continued:
- "Goodies" (Level: 22). Giver: Nul-Tar.
- "Lesson for the Gol-Tar" (Level: 23). Giver: Weld.
- "Adventurer's Inheritance" (Level: 23). Giver: Nash.
- "Idrich's scepter" (Level: 23). Giver: Valcanna.
- Fixed: Bug that made Thorkul and Daen-Rha regenerate more health than they should. Another bug fix related to this one is the one associated with the spell "Revive" (level 5) which now offers 8 seconds of invulnerability, like it should.
- Fixed: Non-player character Tarik from Ignis had a bug that didn't allow players to get a certain quest and continue the runic stones storyline.

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