Version: 0.9.36 (Date: 2008/10/9)


- New: Mount variants for all three realms.
- New: War Banner.
- Fixed: Minor fixes to beard and hair previews.
- Fixed: first mount casting start is now instant (whereas previously you had to execute the item several times).
- Fixed: "Minor health potion" description.
- Fixed: Mounts are no longer affected by speed modifying spells.
- Fixed: Characters speed no longer gets affected permanently after dismounting near fort/castle doors (This was considered an exploit).

- Updated: Several performance improvements (Under circumstances you may notice the change but in other cases the difference could be minimal).
- Updated: "Hide helmet" option is now previewed instantly.
- Updated: Small tweak to facilitate selection on a moving target.
- Updated: "users" chat command elevated to Game Master privilege.
- New: Chat message "User ... has been kicked out" when a certain user is expelled.

- Fixed: Multiple thrust spell now works as expected.
- Fixed: Brain piercing now works as expected.
- Fixed: Forward arc spells no longer make creatures on the back be aggressive against our character (i.e.: Ignus Scorch).
- Updated: Ignis quests revision continued.
- Updated: Premium 1 day rent horse is now available for sale with in-game gold.

- New: Daen-Rha (Super Boss).
- New: Thorkul (Super Boss).
- Fixed: Fort/Castle guards now cancel an ongoing capture (no, seriously, we hope this time this bug has been sent to oblivion).
- Updated: Fort/Castle door hit points increased.
- Updated: Fort/Castle guards are now equilavent in terms of class/subclass/equipment for all three realms. Equipment level is now appropiate for their level.
- Fixed: Quest item reward "Lefans ring" now displays its modifier correctly.
- Fixed: "Two handed barbed axe" model is now shown correctly.
- Fixed: Bald Female citizens now have their proper hair setup.
- Updated: Male Dwarf model and beard enhanced.

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