Version: 0.9.35 (Date: 2008/9/4)


- New: Evendim (Super Boss).
- New: 2 new PvP quests for all realms.
- Fixed: Pets were not being saved on logout.
- Fixed: Fort doors and flags status de-sync.
- Fixed: Some monsters were moving erratically when selected.
- Fixed: Horses backward running animation.
- Fixed: The map now displays correctly those forts/castles that are under attack.
- Fixed: Guards now attack pets and summons.
- Fixed: Several corrections to Ignis initiation zone quests.
- Fixed: Boss monster "Aysor" loot.
- Fixed: Casting effect no longer gets stuck after being cancelled.
- Updated: Sanctuary (spell and resurrection effect) and low profile now get cancelled after interacting with the fort/castle flag or any other dynamic object.
- Updated: Pets and summons now work inside the coliseum (Note: A by-product of this is that pets and summons can be also attacked by their master).

- New: It's now possible to rename our pet (Hunter only) via the command /pet_name name. This command can only be used once after each succesful creature control.
- New: Hide helmet/hat option.
- Fixed: Chat window no longer stays open after the group has been disbanded.
- Fixed: Idle disconnection.
- Updated: Character names can no longer contain two spaces in a row and spaces at the end.
- Updated: Private chats no longer close immediately after the other peer has left.

- Fixed: Visibility distance is now correctly set up.
- Updated: Enter world button activates after launcher has verified itself.
- Updated: Launcher remembers the last selected world.

- New: Extra characters, raises from 3 to 6 the maximum amount of character slots (Permanent change).
- New: Hair-cut (Permanent change).
- New: Hair dye (Standard and exotic colors sold separately, permanent change).

- Updated: Jabeline NPC moved down nearby (southeast of the previous position).
- Updated: Improvements to the Dark Elf faces.

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