Version: 0.9.34 (Date: 2008/8/5)


- Fixed: When mounted, hunter pets would be left on the world in the event of a disconnection.
- Updated: Realm channel is no longer available on the war zone.
- New: Fort/Castle owner indicator on the map.
- New: Fort/Castle under attack notice (visual cue on the map as well).
- New: When dying on the war zone, you are now able to choose your realm wall besides your altar of resurrection.
- New: Player character turning animations.
- New: Male/Female backward walking animations.

- Updated: Slightly reduced backward walking speed.

- New: In-game option to show/hide terrain detail (on certain configurations, disabling terrain detail might improve performance).
- New: New realm selection screen.

-Fixed: Visibility distance was being reset.

- Updated: Minor performance improvements.

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