Version: 0.9.33 (Date: 2008/7/15)


- Fixed: Armor/Tunic paints now appear correctly when entering the game in Direct3D.
- Updated: Added horse saddles to light horses and steeds.
- Updated: Horses now display the maximum duration on their description.
- New: Graphical light horse variant for Ignis and Alsius.
- New: New premium item: Realm Steeds. They are all available on the three realms.

- Fixed: Animations outside camera space no longer freeze.
- Fixed: Items for sale ordering fixed.
- Fixed: Crash while taking screenshots in Direct3D windowed mode.
- Fixed: Texture corruption while switching video modes in Direct3D.
- Fixed: Crash while selecting the Dwarf after selecting another race.
- Fixed: Chest animation.
- Updated: Several graphic engine optimizations.
- New: Addition to the "LOD" system: low resolution 3d models for the characters.
- New: How-to in-game guide (press H key to access it).

- Fixed: "Enemy Surveillance" spell description error.
- Fixed: "Enemy Surveillance" missing animation.
- Fixed: "Wind Wall" spell visual FX.
- Fixed: Casting "Cammouflage" spell now gets canceled under attack.
- Fixed: "Retaliation" spell now works as advertised.
- Updated: Clan creation cost finally increased to 2.000.000 gold coins.
- Updated: Attribute "Concentration" influence increased for standard weapons hit chance and spell focus.

- Fixed: Secure commerce visual glitch with stackable items (quantity shown was incorrect on certain occasions).
- Updated: Items color coding (Quest, Special and Premium items for now).
- Updated: Tweaks to the gold reward given by monsters, fixed several erroneous values.
- Updated: Quest gold reward is now similar for all the three realms (taking into account levels 1 to 50).
- Updated: The amount of gold NPC merchants pay for the items has been decreased.
- New: If the party leader logs out, leadership is randomly transferred to another party member.
- New: Aliases for chat commands. Also, all emotes have their command equivalent now. Quick reference: dance, hail, hi, wave, reverence, respect, challenge, defy, kneel, vow, point, celebrate, cheer, applause, clap, who.

- Fixed: Buddy list contacts are no longer lost.
- Fixed: Arena bug that allowed a player to exit the coliseum and still attack other players from the same realm.
- Updated: Several optimizations.

- Fixed: The NPC's around the fountain, on the first town of Alsius (Skholeim) are now selectable .
- Fixed: Amulets and rings that have protection modifiers are now displayed correctly (e.g.: Soras Amulet).
- Updated: Several refinements to NPC world props.
- Updated: Equipment for NPC's on the initiation areas.
- Updated: Several equipment icons have been added and refined.
- Updated: Several tweaks to the dragons (Tenax, Alasthor y Vesper). Added appropiate loot.

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