Version: 0.9.30 (Hotfix) (Date: 2008/5/15)



  • Fixed: Hunter's pet no longer stays behind after casting Camouflage.
  • Updated: We have implemented several changes to the fatigue system, as follows:
    • Fatigue counter starts after killing 5 monsters (summons/pets are not taken into account).
    • Fatigue starts now after 4 hours (previously 3), exhaustion starts at 6 (same as before).
    • From now on, experience received by having fatigue is 60% (previously 50%) and by being exhausted is 20% (previously 0%).


  • Fixed: Crash when going to windowed mode/full screen (Alt+TAB) on DirectX.
  • Updated: Switching between windowed mode and full screen now takes a lot less.


  • Fixed: Server crash.


  • Updated: Client automatic updates now take place when clicking on "Play" instead of when selecting a world.

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