Version: 0.9.28 (Date: 2008/2/26)


- New: Reward of auto-generated magical items when killing monsters. May contain effects as Evasion, Attributes, Resistance to damage, Attack speed, Damage bonus, Mana, Health, etc.
- New: New introductory adventures added to every realm.
- New: Adventures from the "Users Contest" added to the game.
- New: Medium-high level magical items added to the monsters loot.
- New: When our character dies, our vision turns black and white.
- New: You can now check the current video mode type in the Video section of the in-game menu options window (OpenGL or Direct3D).
- Fixed: Removed excessive objectives of type "Arrived at" from adventures level 26 and above.
- Fixed: Mage hats were added to creature reward generation.
- Fixed: Phyisical and magical protection differentiated (previously all hats had the same values).
- Fixed: Corrected inconsistencies in character names.

- New: You can now change the configuration of movement keys and several others. Soon enough we will enable the rest.
- Spell: South Cross (Slashing weapons): Animation glitch.
- Spell: Petrify Hands (Arcania): Improved. It works effectively in both PvE and PvP battles. Has no effect on powers.
- Spell: Tear-apart (Long bows): Minor corrections.
- Spell: Unstopabble Madness (Warcries): Now resists "cannot move" effects as well. Adjustments for all levels.
- Spell: Onslaught (Warcries): Increased speed and decreased duration. Knocks, Stuns, etc. won't cancel it's effect. Lost when attacking no matter the result.
- Spell: Confuse (Tricks): Cooldown increased to 60 seconds.
- Spell: Head of the Pack re-balanced and corrected. Gives +3 +6 +9 +12 +15 by each nearby ally (limit of 5).
- Spell: Ensnaring Arrow now works with weapon damage. This allows the spell to be affected by Head of the Pack.
- Spell: Son of the Wind has new durations and no longer allows damage spells to be cast. Active Bonuses/maluses are not affected.
- Spell: Camouflage: Minor duration adjustments, its function changed from defensive to offensive. Pet hides with the owner as well.
- Spell: Curse now also affects spell focus (spell hit success chance).
- Updated: Melee attacks detection extended to 4 meters. This affects spells that protects us from ranged attacks, such as Deflecting Barrier and Wind Wall.
- Updated: When our character dies, we must wait for a brief period of time in order to revive at the altar. This doesn't prevent us to be resurrected by another player character.
- Updated: "Cannot move" effect renamed to "Immobilize".
- Updated: Priority order changed for objetive selection: - Modificado: Orden de prioridad en seleccion de objetivos: [ enemy player < friendly player < enemy monster < friendly monster < enemy npc < friendly npc ].
- Fixed: Magical info wasn't displayed when receiving a traded item from another player (Item seen as empty of magic). It required to exit and enter game again.
- Fixed: Bug that interrupted the spell casting if the target moved away from our melee range.
- Fixed: Spell casting can no longer be started inside forts and then casted outside.
- Fixed: The bug related to Realm Points not being obtained when we kill an enemy player has been fixed. Lost Realm points on disconnection fixed as well.
- Fixed: Combat log UI setup is now saved correctly when we exit the game.
- Fixed: Spell resistance with crowd control spells (knock down, stun, dizzy, etc).
- Fixed: Active auras icons are now displayed correctly.
- Fixed: Certain spell icons that didn't disappear.
- Fixed: Names and ranks of the clans weren't stored correctly.
- Fixed: Cannot buy more than one horse by database lag error.
- Fixed: On certain circumstances, our character would get stuck without being able to cast spells for a brief period of time, after being knocked down, stunned or dizzy.
- Fixed: Auras on certain landscape conditions would not affect correctly to their corresponding targets.

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