Version: 0.9.24 (Date: 2007/12/5)


- New: '-train' command for the testing server. Allows player to assign points to spells and disciplines everywhere.
- New: Thirst for blood (First spell on 'Two-handed weapons' discipline).
- Updated: Warriors can now hit while moving.
- Updated: Mages and archers react quicker and can cast buffs while moving. Offensive spells are not affected by this new rule.
- Updated: Dead players or monsters can no longer be selected (except for conjurers that can select players).
- Updated: Vital surrender casting time reduced from 3 to 2 seconds.
- Updated: Hunter's pet is now affected by Low profile (Evasion discipline).
- Updated: Melee monsters range reduced.
- Updated: Knight's Taunt spell now removes owner control of the pet or summon while the effect is active.
- Updated: Expansive wave (Two-handed mastery).
- Updated: All classes can now change to combat mode while moving.
- Updated: Adjustments to inventory load (Weight limit).
- Updated: Reaching the weight limit doesn't stop the character but movement speed is drastically reduced.
- Fixed: Some monsters lean angle against the terrain were incorrect.
- Fixed: Several minor fixes to quests interface.
- Fixed: Resurrection dizziness now informs correctly about not being able to cast spells.
- Fixed: Character sheet was showing some combat bonuses incorrectly.

- New: Missing training quests for Warriors and Mages of Ignis and Syrtis.
- New: New appearance for Sabertooth, Smilodon and panther models.
- New: New creatures (tameable): Lizards, Kelontes and Weasels; Leopards, Lions, Pumas, Tigers; Gargoyles.
- Updated: Creature spawning distribution improved.
- Fixed: 'Giant beach spider' re-appeared on the beaches nearby Fisgael city.
- Fixed: Excessive agressiveness from certain monsters reduced.

- New: Monster category and faction is now displayed by hovering over the monster name on the target selection window.
- Updated: Realm hymn on the main menu realm selection screen.

- Fixed: Buddy list: 'Remove' no longer verifies realm.

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