Version: 0.9.23 (Hotfix) (Date: 2007/11/14)


- Fixed: Mana Pylon now works as described.
- Fixed: Protection dome no longer increases speed after wearing off.
- Fixed: Under circumstances, hunter pets were not being stored on the database.
- Updated: Resurrection Dizziness now has a 5 seconds timeout preventing the user to attack or cast spells after wearing off.

- Fixed: Spell icons that remained after spell effect ended.
- Fixed: Merchant items Tooltips without texts.

- Fixed: Clank ranks mismatch (For real this time).

- Fixed: 'Elder Gryphonite' from Alsius quest 'The Wind Rune - The Third Circle' now appears correctly.
- Fixed: Ignis quest 'Greathen's Runestone - The Missing Order Member'. The objective that requires 'Aquantis' monster, now requires 'Adult aquantis'.
- Fixed: Ignis quest 'Nehzi's ritual'
. - Fixed: Ignis quest 'The monument's voices'.
- Fixed: Ignis quest 'The Shipwreck - The Perpetrators'.
- Fixed: Syrtis quest 'Fishing in Danger II'. The objective that requires 'Big Beach Spider', now requires 'Huge Beach Spider'.
- Fixed: 'Giant Cyclops' was removed from the game until further notice.

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