Version: 0.9.23 (Date: 2007/11/9)


- Fixed: Mana pylon protects fine now. Protection maximum limit up to 2500 (mana barrier and mana pylon are stackable).
- Fixed: Monster bosses can no longer be tamed.
- Fixed: Sounds for a great deal of spells.
- Fixed: Monsters not attacking.
- Fixed: Clan ranks mismatch.
- New: "v" key to display nearby ally character names and health bars (it doesn't work with monsters).
- Updated: the combat log now displays more detailed information about cast spells. Spells damage are also displayed on top of the character heads. Several options for customization.
- Updated: Resurrection dizziness now allows to cast spells, attack and interact but it gets disabled immediately after doing so. Our character also gets resurrection dizziness when entering the world.
- Updated: Critical hit chance concentration influence increased for all classes.
- Updated: Spell resist chance intelligence influence increased for all classes.
- Updated: When logging in inside a fort or castle, the player will appear at a secure distance instead of outside the door..
- Balance: Vital surrender adjusted. Resurrects one more player per level. Casting time reduced to 3 secs.

Art and content:
- New: Goblins appearance refinements. New models, animations, textures and equipment.
- New: New goblin variants: The Goblors, Gol-Tars and Swamp Goblins.
- New: New orcs: Ignis Orcs.
- New: 7 new specter variants, ghosts and guardians.
- New: Aysor legendary yeti apperance refinements.
- New: Spawning zones for mid-high level creatures in the frontier of each realm.
- Fixed: Sounds for monsters in general.
- Fixed: Some monsters were oversized.
- Fixed: Coherence between name and level of certain monsters.
- Fixed: Spiders and snakes knock down animation added.
- Fixed: "Trespassers" quest from Ignis.
- Fixed: Some monsters name glitches.
- Fixed: Orc leaders "Hellu" and "Throgg" are no longer tameable.
- Fixed: Protection removed from items "Helm of the wild" and "Staff of the wild".
- Fixed: "Soft fabric" material removed from "Hunt arrow".

- Fixed: Several errors with interactive map objects.
- Fixed: Random texture loading related crash.
- Fixed: Game window incorrect position (Deutsch language).
- New: Water quality and post-processes are now activable from the in-game options menu.

- Fixed: Items with mixed permissions (class, subclass) are now equipable.

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