Version: 0.9.22 (Date: 2007/10/11)


- New: Mage, Warlock and Conjurer gloves available for sale for all levels.
- New: Mid-high level 2 handed spears available for sale.
- New: More qualities and materials variants available for sale.
- New: Ring and amulet quests from Syrtis and Ignis are back.
- New: Rune stones quests for Ignis and more Syrtis/Alsius side quests are now available (totalling around 150).
- Fixed: Merchant distribution improvements: 2 handed weapons for the barbarian are sold only in one of the weaponsmiths of every town and city and some merchants that had missing equipment for sale have been corrected.
- Fixed: "Composite war bow" with quality "Artisan" was removed.
- Fixed: Thorburn and Levias monster champions from Alsius are now enabled.
- Fixed: Champions respawning rate from all realms decreased to "1 Regnum day" (2 hours).
- Fixed: Knight spear "Yari Knight spear" was renamed to "Yari spear".
- Fixed: Ghosts and undead are no longer tameable.

- New: Chat tabs can now be closed by double clicking on them.
- Fixed: Evasion display fixed on the secondary attributes sheet.

- New: If a player character is inactive for 30 minutes disconnection will be issued automatically.

- New: Hunter Pets are now stored on exit and restored on login.
- New: Hunter spell "Revive pet" (Replaces Runner).
- Fixed: Darkness spell allows casting on allies but not on self.
- Fixed: Mana potions now show the amount gained above the character head.
- Fixed: Sanctuary now warns correctly that you can't cast spells on yourself.

- Updated: Final graphic for Hunter level 50 armor (Beast Master).
- Updated: Final graphic for the Marksman level 50 armor (Master Marksman).

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