Version: 1.33.21 (Date: 2023/8/16)


- Added: Interface scaling. Can be found in Video Options.
- Fixed: The movement sound of the Hyena and Turkey mounts were not present.
- Fixed: The spell duration bonus was not correctly applied to Auras.
- Fixed: Major crash when loading the game after choosing a character and possible visual errors of objects without material or texture.
- Fixed: Initialization of Windowed (Full Screen) mode causing the taskbar to keep showing was fixed.
- Fixed: The chat dance actions panel was not displayed correctly if you had a lot of dances.
- Fixed: Options Menu not showing the correct video mode when the game is in fullscreen.
- Fixed: The Shadow Detail option did not allow the 4 available options to be used correctly.
- Fixed: Changed the "Shadows Quality" text to the more suitable "Shadow Filtering Quality" in the options.
- Fixed: When using Windowed (Full Screen) mode and using an application on a secondary monitor, the game would hide.

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