Version: 1.33.19 (Date: 2023/7/21)


- Fixed: Glasses interfering with the helmet visibility and also being shown when the helmet is visible.
- Fixed: The increase in the range of the altars of resurrection was hindering the passage in certain areas, so only the change of range in the central altars was maintained.
- Added: Two spawning areas in each realm's War Zone for the Tree Sap crafting material.
- Added: Shields are now paintable. For now, not all are but the most used ones such as Warmaster, Magnanite, Champion, Elite Knight, Dragon, Royal, Spears.
- Added: New glasses accessories found in the Accessories category in the Item Mall.
- Modified: War Confidence is not removed by entering an enemy realm.
- Modified: Color sets for painting Champion and Conqueror armors slightly changed to avoid extremely pure colors as a result, making them look better.
- Modified: Enhanced quality of the Dragon, Spears, Medusa and Royal shield.

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