Version: 1.33.18 (Date: 2023/7/12)


- Modified: Combat statistics command temporarily disabled due to performance issues.
- Modified: Can't dance when there is not enough space to do so to avoid getting inside collisions.
- Added: Faezune Companion for Regnum Coins. Provides the same effect as Mohere but with a different visual.
- Added: New premium dance emotes: Elvis, Carlton, Pulp Fiction, Chicken Dance and Sprinkler Dance.
- Fixed: Syrtis players could access their Vigilance Towers through the gate, even if they were under Alsius/Ignis control.
- Fixed: When using Bloodthirst and switching weapon types, the bonus would stack instead of resetting.
- Fixed: The quest "Xymerald: Briefing" incorrectly displayed the final NPC with whom to complete the quest.
- Fixed: Archer players could camp near an enemy Resurrection Altar and kill players on it without taking damage. Altar of Resurrection range increased.
- Fixed: If a player disconnected from within an instance and reconnected, they could appear as still within the instance on another player's friends list.

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