Version: 1.33.16 (Date: 2023/4/28)


- Added: Second extra quickbar. The first extra quickbar must be active for it to be shown.
- Added: More extra characters premium scroll. Raises the maximum character slots from 6 to 9.
- Added: Adjustments to an existing functionality for the next Regnum Coins item.
- Modified: Further adjustments to the forest sound to avoid repetitive background bird sounds.
- Modified: Red Necromancer Crystal can now be activated to extend it when it has less than 1 day before it expires.
- Modified: Temporary safe zones for the War Island do not apply to players recently under attack. If the player wasn't under attack, the safe zone applies instantly. If the player was under attack and waits for some time, it activates without needing to re-enter.
- Fixed: Magnanite Hunter and Marksman armor had the incorrect bonus-set description.
- Fixed: Option for hiding ally names in battlezones text was not added.
- Fixed: Temporary safe zones for the War Island access were not being reduced as it was intended in a previous version.

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