Version: 1.33.15 (Date: 2023/4/8)


- Modified: Names of the enemies in Battlezones are hidden.
- Modified: Champions Season Battlezone objective changed. Now, you can obtain 6 points total per cycle. Once when you get 15 or more kills or assists. Another time when you get 10 or more kills or assists and a third time when you get 3 or more kills or assists. You can play as much as you can during the cycle until you get the 3 possible variants. Each one gives 2 points.
- Modified: Champions Season Invasion objective changed. Now it requires to defeat 5 enemies during an invasion (after the wall is captured) in the wall zone or the rest of the inner realm that is being invaded. The objective duration is now 48 hours.
- Modified: Champions Season Hunt objective changed. The objective duration is now 12 hours.
- Modified: The character will not go automatically to a selected object when it's in a Battlezone. This is to avoid going back to the base door by accident.
- Fixed: Sometimes the CS Battlezone objective didn't reset properly in the next cycle.
- Fixed: Being able to go forward using the back-pedalling animation.
- Added: Assistances in Battlezones. They are counted as in the war zone, by contributing to defeating an enemy. The minimum contribution in a Battlezone is a bit higher than in the war zone. These are only used, for now, for the Champions Season.
- Added: Option to also hide ally names in a Battlezone. This is mostly intended for streamers. The party interface and chat will still need to be hidden by the streamer.

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