Version: 1.33.14 (Date: 2023/4/4)


- Added: Slider to configure the volume of the ambience sounds separately.
- Added: Warning when leaving the initiation zones while you have a level lower than needed (20).
- Modified: Default values for the sound, ambience and music volumes.
- Modified: Battlezones penalization for abandoning a match lowered to 4 hours.
- Modified: Desert ambience sound changed. The previous one was too high pitched.
- Modified: Prairie ambience sound changed. There was a notorious looping bird sound too often and the loop was short.
- Modified: Forest ambience sound changed. There were several notoriously looping bird sounds and the loop was short.
- Fixed: Constant ambience sounds that were not being removed when exiting to the character selection screen.
- Fixed: Selecting a Lamai character when it has the Tchulu Sword equipped caused the client to enter a loop and freeze.
- Fixed: Shifting Silhouette was not applying the Casting Speed malus correctly.
- Fixed: Mounts being able to be casted while moving.
- Fixed: One cause of client crashes.

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