Version: 1.33.13 (Date: 2023/2/18)


- Modified: Rey Momo spawn rate is now every 15 minutes.
- Modified: Rey Momo's Domains zone can be entered 1 hour after the last time a reward from its bag has been obtained.
- Modified: Rey Momo's loot is now replaced with a crafting materials bag after defeated, containing materials that can be used to craft 3 different masks. These items can be traded and auctioned. The recipes are automatically added to every player only during the Carnival Event.
- Modified: Recipes that have been started during an event and are only available during them, can be finished after the event has ended.
- Modified: Can't interact with teleporter NPCs while recently in combat.
- Modified: Backpacks can be fused now.
- Modified: Hidden Island is now a safe zone.
- Modified: Piers to access the War Island are now a safe zone when the War Island is also a safe zone.

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