Version: 1.33.12 (Date: 2023/2/16)


- Fixed: Global cooldown and Casting time being shown in passive powers tooltips.
- Added: "Affected by weapon interval" setting shown in the power tooltip.
Note: this is a feature that always existed in Regnum but was not being shown. It is known that it affects mostly the powers for Warriors and Archers. This means that, if it is shown, the power waits until the weapon interval to start casting. For instance, if there was an attack made and the attack speed is 2 seconds per hit, you will have to wait until those 2 seconds pass for the power to start casting.


- Modified: Intimidate. Movement speed malus changed to -6%/-7%/-9%/-11%/-15%.
Note: As it is known, if a warrior gets to melee range, a ranged subclass should be considered in trouble. Currently, gaining that range back might be too easy for the enemy in some cases and the warriors might need this short ranged ability so they don't escape easily when spending enough power points on it.
- Modified: Mind Squasher. Cooldown raised to 100 seconds. Can only be used when the main weapon is of blunt damage.
Note: When a spell is annoying, it's a sign that it's useful. Any major change would ruin it. This spell is the counter to many situations and without it, balance would be harder to achieve. A few minor changes might be the trick to sort out the occasions in which it gets spammed.
- Modified: Brain Piercing. Constitution reduction replaced with Healing Bonus -10%/-20%/-30%/-40%/-60%. Casting speed reduction raised to -10%/-15%/-20%/-25%/-40%.
- Modified: Ripost. Added Mana to damage 100/150/200/250/350.
- Modified: Onslaught. Effect made less look-alike to Dispel.


- Modified: Troll's Skin. Health bonus raised to 200/300/450/600/1000.
Note: This power was obsolete given the changes in damage and health over the years and needed a significant raise.
- Modified: Taunt. Protection malus reduced to -20%/-30%/-40%/-50%/-60%. Added Damage malus -3%/-5%/-7%/-10%/-15%.
- Modified: Deflecting Barrier and Star's Shield can't be casted simultaneously.
Note: Knights currently abuse this combo and this change will make them spend more attention on which one is active or not and when to cast it. The outcome in battle doesn't change, as many cast these spells anyway, but individually there will be a bit more of strategical use (paying attention to which one is not active and using that one first).
- Modified: Blessed. Raised health to 400.


- Modified: Challenging Roar. Visual effect made more visible.


- Modified: Revive Pet. Cooldown lowered to 60 seconds.
- Modified: Nature's Fury. Fixed not being able to cast it while affected by Confuse. Fire and Piercing damages raised to 175/280/410/555/750. Spell name changed in German and French (Zorn der Natur / Fureur de la nature).
- Modified: Prominent Sight. Range bonus raised to +5%/+8%/+12%/+17%/+30%.


- Modified: Fire, Ice and Lightning Magnification. Spells are now activable. Cooldown reduced to 60 seconds. Protection -50%/-50%/-40%/-40%/-25%. Provides 1 extra damage per Intelligence point after 80 and after 70 in level 5. Base damage raised to 5/15/25/40/60. Mana cost raised to 150/180/210/240/270. These spells cannot be used simultaneously.
Note: This will need a lot of adjustments, because the intention is for the mage to be able to deal serious repetitive damage, but at a high cost to their defenses. Very effective when attacking melee targets at range, not so much with ranged targets. For now, the modifiers are not updated when the attribute changes while the spell is active, as the modifier system still doesn't have this feature.
- Modified: Sultar's Devouring Mass. Added Healing bonus -25%/-35%/-50%/-70%/-100%. The visual effect now lasts as long as the duration of the power.
Note: Being the top spell of a discipline, it lacked something to justify it and make it more powerful. Now, the objective will not be able to be partially or totally cured.
- Modified: Clumsiness. Movement speed reduction changed to -5%/-8%/-11%/-15%/-20%. Cooldown raised to 60 seconds. Duration lowered to 40 seconds. Removed "Only blockable at 100%". Range reduced to 20 meters. Visual effect now lasts as long as the spell is active.
Note: Don't forget that this is a level 17 spell in the discipline. Now it's a spell that deserves to be up there. Also, it costs valuable points that will be taken from other spell; don't forget that. It's visible at all times and tests how allies are aware or not. The best way to see any kind of spell that becomes useful is not exactly "this is OP" but rather "does it have a counter?". This could be dispelled by mages. Maybe, Knights should be able to dispel allies too? Please discuss topics with this logic. Any fatalist thought helps in no way and usually ends up as a proposal of unattractive effects to keep the status quo. Strong spells that have several countermeasures is the goal.


- Modified: Shifting Silhouette. Casting time reduced to 2 seconds. Added Opponent Combat Casting Speed -3%/-6%/-9%/-12%/-15%.
- Modified: Material Bond. Health bonus raised to +10%/+15%/+22%/+30%/+50%.
- Modified: Base damage for all summons has been raised 20%.
- Modified: Summon Demon. Duration raised to 30/35/40/45/60. Can be controlled in level 5.
- Modified: Summon Lich. Duration raised to 40/45/50/55/70. Can be controlled in levels 4 and 5.
- Modified: Demonic Rage. Duration raised to 25 seconds. Reduction of Protection changed to -75%.
- Modified: Extraplanar Bond. Redirected damage per level raised from 5% to 10%. Duration reduced to 45 seconds.
- Modified: Karma Mirror and Extraplanar bond can't be used simultaneously.
- Modified: Heal Ally. Gives an extra +1%/+2%/+3%/+4%/+5% health based on the maximum health of the target.


- Modified: Ice Blast. Movement speed reduction duration raised to 2 seconds. Movement speed reduction raised 5% in level 4 and 10% in level 5.
- Modified: Laziness. Added -10% Attack speed.
- Modified: Element Exposure. Reduction of Magical damage resistance raised to -10%/-15%/-23%/-34%/-50%.
- Modified: Fragility. Physical damage resistance changed to -5%/-15%/-25%/-35%/-50%.

General note: It's important to notice that no balance update has the objective of sorting all of the issues at once. Many other issues (even related to the topics at hand) might need to wait for another round of balance changes. We need this to be understood by those that want to help. Being fatalist or bringing up many other known issues makes it difficult to make steps forward. We hope you can understand that we're planning on doing balance updates regularly and any kind of counterproductive result (globally, not individually) will be addressed quickly.

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