Version: 1.33.5 (Date: 2022/10/27)


- Fixed: Champions Season objectives not appearing in the Rankings interface.
- Fixed: Error that caused false positives around midnight UTC with the account location detection for the Champions Season. The points lost for this reason will be given before the season ends.
- Fixed: Error that made some trading transactions fail.
- Fixed: Being able to move items out of the inventory using the Items Fusion and Revert Items Fusion premium items.
- Modified: Streamer Banners duration lowered from 10 minutes to 7 minutes.
- Modified: Prizes for the Champions Season 4 after feedback from the community.
- Added: Range 30 staves to the loot table (creatures, treasures and lucky boxes). Apocalypse Staff, level 52. Elven Staff, level 55. Devastating Staff of Fire, levels 55, 57 and 60.
- Added: Premium Dragon masks and wings to the Item Mall.

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