Version: 1.33.4 (Date: 2022/10/24)


- Fixed: Time to wait for a player to rejoin a Battlezone is not longer than the remaining match time.
- Fixed: Minibosses not spawning in Battlezone matches.
- Fixed: False positives of AFK detection inside Battlezones.
- Fixed: Error that caused a server crash.
- Modified: Penalization of 18 hours without being able to participate in Battlezones after abandoning a match. Two or more abandoned matches during a competition can lead to be disqualified during said competition.
- Modified: Champions Season forts and castle objective now needs 10 enemies defeated in 3 different forts and/or castles. Completing this objective now gives 6 points.
- Modified: Champions Season participants that obtain at least 75 points but don't get to a winner tier, get 250 Magnanites as a participation prize.
- Added: Revert Items Fusion premium item. Allows you to revert any Items Fusion done from this version and on. On some unique items (like the ones from bosses, which are always the same) the reversal of the fusion can be possible as well in fusions made in older versions of the game.

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