Version: 1.33.2 (Date: 2022/6/24)


- Fixed: Trainers of other classes or subclasses having the available option to Reset Powers and/or Train, causing confusions.
- Fixed: Description of Warmaster Coins booster scrolls.
- Fixed: Description of Race Change scroll.
- Fixed: Being able to cast an instant spell while jumping, causing the combat status to get visually broken.
- Fixed: Mercenary Staff size was too big.
- Fixed: Size of the Mercenary Mage Hat for the female characters.
- Fixed: Protection modifier being shown among the item modifiers when it should only appear as a bonus value next to the base armor value (+X).
- Fixed: Terrain in two locations of the Battlezone Team Deathmatch map in which players could gain an unfair advantage.
- Fixed: One cause of crashes in the client positioning code.
- Fixed: In-Game Rankings interface showing rows from previously selected ranking category.
- Modified: In-Game Rankings interface now has the time range "All" as default instead of "Week".
- Added: Mercenary Spear, Two Handed Spear, Mace, Two Handed Mace, Off Hand Mace, Sword, Two Handed Sword, Off Hand Sword, Axe, Two Handed Axe, Off Hand Axe.

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