Version: 1.33.1 (Date: 2022/6/15)


- Added: Champions Season objective about defeating enemies in forts and castles.
- Modified: Champions Ranking interface now shows the prizes that can be obtained in each Tier of the competition.
- Modified: Champions Season fort capture and recover objective has been removed.
- Modified: Champions Season objectives can now be completed in frames of time. This means that, if a objective is every 8 hours, you'll be able to complete it every 8 hours from the beginning of the season, and not 8 hours after you complete it each time.
- Modified: Champions Season objectives that were every 18 hours are now every 24 hours.
- Modified: Abandoning a Battlezone match can have penalizations for next matches and can be a reason for disqualification from the Champions Season.
- Modified: Mercenaries appear now every 6 hours with -/+ 30 minutes offset.
- Fixed: GLSL shader error that made some objects be rendered without a texture.
- Fixed: Tooltip sizes were not always being applied correctly.

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