Version: 1.33 (Date: 2022/5/24)


- Added: Mercenary Leader and Mercenary Miscreants. These creatures will raid the forts from time to time. More details in the new quests.
- Added: "Mercenaries: Sowing Terror" and "Mercenaries: Overthrow" quests. These give armour parts crafting recipes to use the loot from the Mercenary Leader.
- Added: New method for boss balancing depending on the players fighting them. For now, it only applies to the latest boss.
- Added: New method for invasion balance which will depend on the players near the capture point (forts, castle, realm door).
- Guards will be spawned in 4 different points around the capture point.
- Doors will be stronger or weaker.
- For now, it will be normal guards without any special ability. In the future, depending on how this new feature evolves, upgrades to the system will be done.
- Fixed: Incorrect dual handed animations when strafing in combat mode.
- Fixed: Range of tower archers from Alsius and Ignis was incorrect.
- Fixed: Mind Blank being cancelled when Sanctuary starts casting instead of when it starts its effect.
- Fixed: Clan Chest not showing the embedded gems/enhancements.
- Fixed: Being able to use a teleporter NPC when carrying a realm gem.
- Fixed: Crash when entering the Hall of Fame in OpenGL render mode (Unix based operating systems).
- Fixed: Sometimes, the quest objective of defeating players in a captured fortification would not work correctly.
- Fixed: Getting stuck in between two trees in the PvP area reserved for tournaments.
- Fixed: Scaling of head attachments in several races, causing parts of the head to be visible outside the helmet.
- Fixed: Hammers not playing the hit sound in successful attacks.
- Modified: Utghars can now use the hide helmet toggle.
- Modified: Bosses now spawn the chests when they die in their starting point, not where they died.

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