Version: 1.32.5 (Date: 2022/5/4)


- Fixed: Weapon trails when using an Off-Hand weapon that has an embedded Great Gem.
- Fixed: Queued crafts sometimes starting at login time instead of when the last one finished while offline.
- Fixed: Collision problem in Vesper's Dragon Lair in the entrance ramp.
- Fixed: Some Hunters could still have untameable creatures of level higher than 60.
- Fixed: Text description in English of the Warmaster Endorsement.
- Fixed: Maximum valid gold value sometimes was not being updated correctly in the Commerce window.
- Fixed: Bug causing server crashes.
- Fixed: Error that caused waiting for a player that left a Battlezone for a longer time than intended.
- Fixed: Players getting stuck at a West Access Prairie in a rock.
- Fixed: Dragon Mage Armor Set items had an incorrect description.
- Fixed: Champion Armor Set for all subclasses didn't have a description.
- Fixed: Crystal with Magnanite tooltip was not being shown in the merchant.
- Fixed: Text in the quest "Xymerald: Domination" that mislead on where to get the Warmaster Endorsement.
- Fixed: Players were not being notified that a quest has been already completed in another character of the account, making it invalid for the Daily Rewards objectives.
- Fixed: Hiding spot next to Syrtis base in the Team Deathmatch Battlezone map.
- Fixed: Delay in casting spells when interacting rapidly with the spellbar.
- Fixed: Part of Alsius bridge in Aggersborg South Tower in which players couldn't be attacked when getting inside the collision.
- Modified: Gold field in the Commerce window is now wider in order to see the typed amount correctly.
- Modified: Staying inside the Battlezones bases is now taken as being AFK.

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