Version: 1.31.1 (Date: 2021/12/1)


- Modified: Regnum Coins are now account wide.
- Modified: The next day for Daily Rewards is now fixed at 3 AM GMT (same as with the Warmaster quests). To avoid double rewards around this hour, if you obtained the previous reward between 12 AM and 3 AM GMT, the next day will start at 9 AM GMT.
- Modified: Ximerin Boxes for Regnum Coins. Now there are two of them. One that gives 125 Ximerin and another one that gives 250 Ximerin. These will be easier to fit into the amount of Regnum Coins that any user could get weekly. And both give a bit more Ximerin per Regnum Coins than before.
- Fixed: Daily Rewards not showing they're not obtainable when a location has exceeded the amount of Daily Rewards it can have.
- Added: 250 Regnum Coins to everyone that obtained at least 1 Regnum Coin since their launch. This is to compensate for the errors the of the last days.

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