Version: 1.31 (Date: 2021/11/27)


- Fixed: Actions, such as emotes, not working in the quickbar. To fix those that don't work, they must be removed and added again. Also, wait at least 15 seconds before logging off after the change.
- Fixed: Clan founder showing a normal rank to other players instead of the Founder rank.
- Fixed: Being able to attack while mounted.
- Fixed: Detected as AFK in Battlezones even when you're attacking or casting powers on others.
- Fixed: Paint Preview not showing some of the paintable equipped items.
- Modified: Promotional items (such as premium items obtained for free) will have 7 days to be used and then they're removed from the inventory.
- Modified: Lamais have now the option to hide the helmet in the interface.
- Modified: Daily Rewards system now gives Regnum Coins. Instead of getting rewards directly, you'll be able to get coins and buy the item you prefer.
- Modified: Daily Rewards interface now shows all days of the 7 day cycle.
- Added: Daily Rewards button in the Compass interface. With this button you can open the Daily Rewards interface and check how long you need to wait until the next one. Also, the button blinks and stays in another color when a new reward is available.
- Added: Second objective for Daily Rewards. The first one is the same as always: enter the game. The new one is either defeating an enemy in the War Zone or if your level is less than 30, completing a quest. You can only get a reward once per unique completed quest in each account.
- Added: Regnum Coins.
- You can obtain them from Daily Rewards and you'll be able to buy items in a special category in the Item Mall with them.
- As with the old rewards, you get more Regnum Coins the older your account is. Character level does not affect the obtained amount.
- You can see how many you have in the Item Mall interface.
- Added: "Regnum Coins" category in the Item Mall. This category contains all the items that can be bought with Regnum Coins. The current selection of items is not final. More items will be added regularely.
- Added: Special Items.
- At the last day of the month, a unique item, which could be new or a variation of an existing one, will be added to be purchased with Regnum Coins.
- This item will be availabe ONLY during that day and the next month. In the last day of that next month, it will be removed from the Item Mall and not be available for purchase ever again.
- First of these items will be added on December 31st.

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