Version: 1.30.7 (Date: 2021/10/28)


- Modified: Team Deathmatch battlezone bases don't cure allies or damage enemies anymore.
- Modified: Team Deathmatch battlezone bases are now delimited by a wooden fence that can only be used to exit. After exiting, there is no possibility to go back in unless the player dies. There are three exit points.
- Modified: Battlezone Team Deathmatch duration reduced from 15 to 10 minutes.
- Modified: Stalker Surroundings cannot be used in Battlezones. As this is a Deathmatch map, there should not be time lost with all players of a team being invisible.
- Modified: Champion Elixir prices reduced from 250 to 150 Champion Coins.
- Modified: The team that ends in the second place in a Battlezone Team Deathmatch wins 600 Champion Coins, instead of 400.
- Modified: Minibosses spawn rate in the Battlezone Team Deathmatch map has been reduced from 225 seconds to 150 seconds.
- Added: AFK detection for Battlezones. After 75 seconds inactive, a warning message is shown for 15 seconds. If the player doesn't go back to being active, they're kicked and the game will start searching for new available players to replace them.
- Added: After being kicked from a Battlezone match because of being AFK, the first time you'll be restricted to play for 15 minutes. The second one, for 48 hours.
- Added: When a player receives a Battlezone invitation, a sound notification is played.
- Added: Champion Regeneration Potion for 30 Champion Coins. Regenerates 300 health for 10 seconds. Can only be used after 5 seconds of not being under attack. Being under attack cancels the regeneration.
- Added: Random groups for Battlezones. When you use this option, a new group will be created or you will join an existing one in which players don't have to be invited and no one knows each other's names and subclasses until you're inside the match.
- Fixed: Ending text when a Battlezone finishes with no winners.
- Fixed: Battlezone class restrictions were not correctly calculated when searching available players to invite after a player leaves a started game.
- Fixed: Climbable hill near Syrtis base in the Battlezone Team Deathmatch map.
- Fixed: Battlezone calendar was showing the incorrect finishing hour. For instance, 20-22hs shows now 20-23h which is to be read "from 20:00h to 23:00h".
- Fixed: Battlezone Team Deathmatch group/available interface was not working in macOS.
- Added: Zombie King event.

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