Version: 1.30.6 (Date: 2021/8/28)


- Modified: Invasions Balance is now calculated with portal openings and not by gem steals. Last 10 days are checked. If all realms have 2 or less openings, no balance level is applied to any realm. If one realm is above 2 openings, the following rules apply:
- No openings: invasion balance level 6.
- One opening: invasion balance level 4.
- Two openings: invasion balance level 2.
- More than two openings: no invasion balance level.
Note: this is only a step towards invasions balance. Doesn't mean it's a final change and can have further changes in the future.
- Modified: Enhanced recurrent event system to allow quick events to be activated by Community Managers.
- Modified: Carbon Ore spawn rate increased.
- Modified: Performance enhancement in one of the server processes.
- Modified: Removed realm restrictions to unique minibosses of all realms. These items can be obtained in an invasion but they weren't equippable to players from other realms that obtained them.
- Modified: "Xymerald: Domination" quest now requires 10 unique players to be defeated (was 15).
- Fixed: Detection of idle players and exiting to the character selection screen after 10 minutes idle.
- Fixed: Gohos spawning in unreachable locations.
- Fixed: Collision error that caused players to get stuck:
- In a rock near Shaanarid.
- In a rock near Rottersvall.
- In a rock near Alasthor's cave entrance.
- In the terrain near to Speranzor in Lost Valhalla.
- Fixed: Incorrect durability in Mailbox items.

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