Version: 1.30.3 (Date: 2021/7/16)


- Fixed: Crafting recipes not showing up and needing to relog to see them.
- Fixed: Current crafts not showing up sometimes even if in progress or finished.
- Fixed: Being able to equip an item that has been hidden in the inventory because it's in use by another feature.
- Fixed: Window to choose items to enhance was not being cleared after changing a recipe, causing a visual error.
- Fixed: Applying a Power Set when the player has been under combat recently.
- Modified: Necrostacy is now raised when the player suicides in Squid Island.
- Modified: Battlezone invitations now last only 60 seconds. If the invited player doesn't reply, the invitation gets cancelled.
- Modified: "Xymerald: Domination" quest is not auto-assigned anymore.
- Modified: Added new objectives for the quest "Xymerald: Domination" (defeat players in captured fortifications, meaning captured forts and castles and vulnerated or captured realm walls). Due to the increased difficulty, reward has been doubled to 2 Xymerald ore.
- Modified: Xymerald Poisoning recovering now is only done while active outside Squid Island. If not active, there's no recovery (including being offline).
- Modified: Xymerald Poisoning removes more health if time after full poisoning is exceeded.
- Added: Daily quest "Strategy and Victory" in the main city given by one of the Warmaster NPCs. Repeatable every 12 hours. Gives 10 tickets, 55,000 Gold and 20,000 XP as reward.
- Added: Off Hand sword and hammer to be chosen in the Barbarian Magnanite Weapon box received after the Magnanite Weapon quest.
- Added: Remove Enhancement premium item. Removes 1 (one) selected armour enhancement from a piece of armour. Cost: 3500 Ximerin.

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