Version: 0.9.20 (Hotfix) (Date: 2007/9/10)


- Fixed: Disconnected users that remained in the party.
- Fixed: Auras or AoE spells no longer dismount ally players.
- Fixed: Track no longer detects fallen enemies.
- Fixed: Ethereal arrow, Ambitious sacrifice and several health decreasing spells now work as expected.
- Fixed: Casting bar now disappears when casting is cancelled.

- Power: Precise block no longer decreases movement speed.
- Power: Protector mana cost decreased by 100 points.
- Power: Receive damage is now worth 100% (1 damage point equals 1 contribution point) of the points, before it was worth 25%.

- Fixed: Snow Skeleton Archer Elite now has its bow equipped.
- Fixed: Shields for sale corrections.
- Fixed: Vilcor's summon now drops the corresponding quest item.

- Fixed: Small UI tweaks.
- Fixed: Quest information button works again.

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