Version: 1.30.1 (Date: 2021/6/18)


- Modified: Method of updating vigilance towers revamped to enhance performance.
- Modified: Surprise Boxes from the Daily Rewards now give from 3 to 20 Enemy Bones instead of Iron Ore. Only for players from level 50. Only in newly obtained boxes.
- Modified: Red Necromancer Crystal recipe now needs less Enemy Essence (100, was 200) and Soul Monger Vials (20, was 30).
- Modified: Removed double Xymerald reward for helping low level allies (was not working properly). Xymerald: Domination quest gives 1 Xymerald without this bonus.
- Added: Warmaster Endorsement. Cost: 25,000 Warmaster Coins. Allows to get more rewards in certain quests. For now, just in Xymerald: Domination. Lasts for 3 days after purchased. Sold by Jofnnir Blackanvil in Alsius, Arathorn Darksoul in Ignis and Paeris Jandarean in Syrtis.
- Added: 10 Enemy Bones as a possible reward in the Soul Monger chest.
- Fixed: Being able to obtain the Tenax scale from the dragon in the quest "A Blood Stained Story" in Ignis.
- Fixed: Specific point in Squid Island where "Unknown Intensity" was being reset causing all health and mana be restored by wrongly thinking the player left the island and entered again.
- Fixed: Being able to buy more than the inventory limit at NPCs.
- Fixed: Summoned Imps damage at Squid Island was too high.
- Fixed: Armor values being accumulated when certain spells were used before death in Squid Island.
- Fixed: Unknown Intensity was not being casted when the user was inactive before entering Squid Island.
- Fixed: When a Turquoise Amber expired, the success chance was not updated correctly.
- Fixed: "Armour Bonus" modifier name sometimes changed to "Protection".
- Fixed: Wrong values for armour in the preview of Material Enhance in Crafting.
- Fixed: Avoiding to cast "Unknown Intensity" when entering Squid Island.
- Fixed: Players were getting Warmaster Coins in Squid Island. Warmaster Coins are only to be obtained in the War Zone.
- Fixed: After using the Trelleborg trapdoor, the player could get stuck inside the fort's collision.
- Fixed: Being able to purchase a Transmutation Artefact in levels lower than 40, as this is the minimum level for its usage.
- Fixed: Daen-Rha, Evendim and Thorkul's weapons losing their tint when the material is enhanced.
- Fixed: Gamma was not being set properly when in fullscreen mode and several displays present.

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