Version: 1.30 (Date: 2021/5/24)



- Modified: Teleporter NPCs:
- Can now have several available destinations.
- The ones in the first town allow to both travel to Squid Island for all levels and to the War Zone for levels 30 and up.
- The ones in the central Altar of Resurrection area allow to go to the first town only. This is because the first town will have the main objectives to take before going to Squid Island.
- Modified: Squid Island/Initiation Zone teleporter NPCs greeting texts.
- Modified: Accessing the quests interface of a NPC now focus the camera on them and the interface is sized depending on the game resolution. To be done in the future: change the interface to something more readable.
- Added: Character sheet shows percentage of Critical Damage Factor. Base has always been 33% and the rest is provided by the equipment.
- Fixed: Target portrait position.
- Fixed: Auto assigned quests were not showing the start text correctly.
- Fixed: Multiple objectives of a quest were showing even after completed in the Active Quests interface (sidebar).


- Modified: Crafting level is now account-wide. The character with the highest level is taken as the current experience/level values.
- Modified: Crafting recipes are usable account-wide.
- Modified: Time to craft recipes from crafting level 1 until 3 has been reduced to a third.
- Modified: Time to craft recipes from crafting level 4 until 6 has been halved.
- Modified: Time to craft raw materials has been greatly reduced. Experience given was raised. Price was raised as well.
- Modified: Quest "Crafting - Stronger Weapons" carbon ore is to be found now in the War Zone (darker areas).
- Modified: Quest "Crafting - A Rare Ingredient" level lowered from 40 to 34. All recipes and ingredients had their levels lowered as well.
- Modified: Quest "Crafting - The Remains" level lowered from 52 to 40. All recipes and ingredients had their levels lowered as well.
- Modified: Quest "Crafting - The Great Power" level lowered from 60 to 45. All recipes and ingredients had their levels lowered as well.
- Added: Quest "Crafting - The Art of War". Obtainable at level 50. Given by the Craftmaster in the realm castle. Requires to have previous quest "Crafting - The Great Power" completed. Gives the recipes to craft Xymerald and enhance items to this material.
- Added: Enhancements crafting category. This category will include, for now, recipes to enhance materials from one weapon or armour to the next one. For instance, from Iron to Steel.
- Added: New recipes for enhancements to item materials in the crafting quests "A Rare Ingredient", "The Remains" and "The Great Power". To those that already completed these quests, the recipes have been added to their character automatically.
- Added: Crafting raw materials to be found in the War Zone and Squid Island. Some are found in almost all of them, some in only a realm's War Zone and some mostly in a realm's War Zone and less in the other realms. The purpose of this is map exploration and discovery, so players should discover the locations of these. Also, this will need to be upgraded to enhance quantities and locations. We've setup monitoring for this to achieve this goal.
- Iron ore
- Carbon ore
- Titanium ore
- Hickory wood logs
- Tree sap
- Cotton bolls
- Flax basts
- Silk cocoons
- Added: Items for sale at the castle's Warmaster vendor:
- "Superior Amber Turquoise" that gives 50% success chance for Crafting.
- "Crafting Experience +250" that gives 250 Crafting experience points immediately when used.
- Fixed: Experience and level was not being updated when finishing a craft succesfully while the window of the interface was open.


- Modified: Xymerald poisoning when entering Squid Island is now account-wide.
- Modified: Elixir bought with gold for the Manganite Weapon quest can now be stashed in the Account Stash.
- Modified: Raised total health and damage of warzone superbosses: Daen-Rha, Evendim and Thorkul.
- Modified: All healing spells in Squid Island have half their effect.
- Added: Staying for longer than 3 minutes after the limit of Xymerald poisoning has been reached in Squid Island causes a greater health reduction.
- Added: Being active in war increases the chances of getting better loot from bosses and superbosses. Activity in war in the last 7 days is taken into account. The more active, the more the chance is increased, until a maximum of +400%.
- Fixed: Exiting Squid Island was not clearing the temporary bind to the Altar there.
- Fixed: Armour bonus not updating correctly after leaving Squid Island.


- Modified: Spell Resistance modifier in Legendary warrior and archer weapons has been changed to Critical Damage bonus (enhances percentage that determines the critical damage). Armour and Staff replacements still pending.
- Modified: Improved item materials. Now, they have the following stats (CC: Critical Chance, DPB: Damage/Protection Bonus, DF: Durability Multiplier, WM: Weight Multiplier):
- Metal: Iron (+0 CC, +0 DPB, 0 DM, 1 WM) -> Steel (+10 CC, +8 DPB, 5 DM, 1 WM) -> Steel Fine (+20 CC, +16 DPB, 9 DM, 0.9 WM) -> Alloy Steel (+30 CC, +24 DPB, 15 DM, 0.8 WM) -> Xymerald (+50 CC, +36 DPB, 10 DM, 0.7 WM)
- Wood: Wood Fine (+0 CC, +0 DPB, 0 DM, 1 WM) -> Wood Hardened (+10 CC, +8 DPB, 5 DM, 1 WM) -> Wood Hardened Fine (+20 CC, +16 DPB, 9 DM, 0.85 WM) -> Wood Strengthened (+30 CC, +24 DPB, 15 DM, 0.75 WM) -> Xymerald Lamina (+50 CC, +36 DPB, 10 DM, 0.6 WM)
- Fabric: Fabric (+0 CC, +0 DPB, 0 DM, 1 WM) -> Fabric Fine (+10 CC, +8 DPB, 5 DM, 0.95 WM) -> Ethereal Weave (+20 CC, +16 DPB, 9 DM, 0.8 WM) -> Royal Silk (+30 CC, +24 DPB, 15 DM, 0.6 WM) -> Xymerald Weave (+50 CC, +36 DPB, 10 DM, 0.5 WM)
- Modified: Improved "Magnanite" material. Weight slightly raised: (+70 CC, +45 DPB, 26 DM, 1.1 WM)
- Added: New fabric material "Royal Silk". It has been added to balance material progression. This and also the material balance caused "Ethereal Weave" to lose 4 DPB points.
- Added: New method of spawning dynamic objects to avoid them appearing in unreachable places (only in new locations, for now).
- Added: Xymerald shipment/cargo in the initiation zone with Elite Guards which will provide Xymerald to the players.
- Added: Quest "Anniversary: A Neverending War". Obtainable at level 30. Given by the Town Crier in the main city of the realm. Repeatable 7 times.
- Added: Quest "Xymerald: Briefing". Obtainable at level 50. Given by the Town Crier in the main city of the realm.
- Added: Daily Quest "Xymerald: Domination". Obtainable at level 50. Given by the Elite Guard in the start location of each realm.
- Fixed: Collision of fence in Squid Island in Alsius' side.
- Fixed: Terrain in Ignis' left side of the entrance fence that allowed to get in the safe zone.

Note: This line is for the record that this update was nice to do, but also exhausting. Thank you for any future understandment on this important point.

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