Version: 1.29.1 (Date: 2021/1/28)


- Fixed: Spears Shield was incorrectly named as Ring Shield and had the wrong icon as well.
- Fixed: Being able to tame a creature that you shouldn't be able to due to the level of Natural Dominance. Now it complies exactly with the description of the power.
- Fixed: Enemy bases in Battlezones were still draining health after the character died.
- Fixed: Language texts of the Battlezone Queue interface.
- Fixed: Minor visual discrepancies after fusing an item with another, such as a slightly different tone of the same colour.
- Added: Champion Weapons for sale by the Champions Vendor. Rapor in Alsius, Grisa in Ignis and San San in Syrtis. The price is of 250,000 Champion Coins each.
- Added: Show level of creatures in the Target GUI.
- Added: Premium Champion Coins Booster x2 and x3. Lasts 30 finished matches.
- Modified: Battlezones don't end anymore in a draw. If there is an equal amount of points, the winner is decided by the earliest last kill. The team that made the last kill earlier, wins.
- Modified: Players that kill themselves in a Battlezone match more than once will not receive a reward in that match. Only one is tolerated in case it was accidental. Recividism leads to sanctions.
- Modified: Battlezone Queue interface now shows which realm groups are ready to join a match.
- Modified: Durability of the material Magnanite has been significantly increased.
- Modified: Critical Chance of the material Magnanite has been increased.
- Modified: Damage Bonus of the material Magnanite has been slightly increased.
- Modified: Weapons, amulets and rings obtained as prizes in the previous World Cup events have been renamed from Champion to Extremus.

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