Version: 1.29 (Date: 2020/12/23)


- Added: Christmas Event 2020: Go to Ursor in Alsius (Montsognir), Saniur in Ignis (Altaruk) or Mauro in Syrtis (Fisgael) to start the event.

- Modified: Battlezones Match Maker. A lot of rewriting of the code has been made. We expect it to be more stable, but as it is one of the most complex in Regnum, we will expect some further polishing to be made.
- Instead of going directly to the waiting queue, now you have a window that allows you to:
- Create a group and start inviting available players.
- Set yourself as available for a group leader to invite you.
- When setting yourself as available, you can close the window and you'll still be available.
- If you're in a group, closing the window will warn you that you will leave or disband the group if you confirm.
- Being in a group opens a chat between the group members.
- After a group is full and everyone is ready and the leader pushes the "Go" button, the group goes to the waiting queue:
- In the waiting queue, three groups will be matched, one for each realm.
- If a player is lost when a group is in the waiting queue, the group falls back to the group window.

- Modified: Battlezones instance handling.
- When a player is lost, it waits for 2 minutes until the player comes back. If not, a new player is invited from the available players.
- The lost player, after relogging to the game, will have a "Join" button ready for them to come back while the 2 minutes timeout hasn't run out.
- When an available player (set in the Battlezone Match Maker window) is invited, they can accept or not to enter the game. The invitation only lasts 30 seconds.
- If an invitation is not fulfilled, a new one is made until the game recovers enough players.
- A game that is already started and half the duration has passed, will not be auto-inviting players anymore.


There are still a lot of things we have planned for the Match Maker and the Battlezones. As we arrived to a working version that solves the main problem with Battlezones, we wanted to release it while we keep working on the following:

- Remove the "tie" result of a match and decide the winner depending on kill/death ratio and several other factors.
- Apply penalisations to players that are idle most of the match and similar ways of abuse.
- Highlight friends in the Available players selection when they're online.
- Rankings and many other ways to ramp up the competition, including predefined teams as well.
- New content purchaseable by Champion Coins (weapons!)
- And a bit more further in the future, new game modes, such as Capture the Flag and others.

Other changes:

- Fixed: Size of the interfaces of the right side of the window.
- Fixed: Some NPC mounts emote sounds were incorrect.

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